About us

About us

Our purpose is to support each person in taking better care of themselves

Flora is present in the daily lives of millions of Brazilians through its 14 commercial brands - Minuano, Francis, Neutrox, Albany, OX Cosméticos, Brisa, Assim, Phytoderm, Kolene, Karina, Vyvedas, Mat Inset, Hydratta and No Inset. Originally a Hygiene and Cleaning division of the JBS company, in 2007 Flora became an independent company within the J&F Group, the holding company that also controls JBS. In 2022, upon completing 42 years, Flora surpassed, for the first time, the mark of 2,100 employees.

A Brazilian consumer goods industry that operates in the cosmetics, personal hygiene and home care sectors, Flora has a deep knowledge of Brazilian consumer habits and understands the complexity and plurality of our country, developing quality products designed to meet their needs. We are guided by the objective of being the ambassadors of care in Brazil, helping people to take better care of themselves wherever we go.

Focusing on quality and innovation, in the last five years alone, Flora has launched more than 300 new products and handled more than 600 product versions, 254 of which are new technologies, divided between personal hygiene and home care. In all, our portfolio has more than 300 products.

Flora sells its products to retailers and wholesalers across the country. On the internet, the products can be found on marketplaces, delivery apps and on the e-commerce, CompraFlora.com.br.

The company has its own Research and Development (R&D) laboratory in a city in the metropolitan area of São Paulo and one of the largest national industrial platforms in the sector, with factories in Luziânia (in the state of Goiás), Itajaí (in the state of Santa Catarina) and Maceió (in the state of Alagoas), in addition to five Distribution Centers, located in Luziânia (in the state of Goiás), Itajaí (in the state of Santa Catarina), Maceió (in the state of Alagoas), Itapeva (in the state of Minas Gerais) and São Paulo (in the state of São Paulo).

Our History


Flora continues to invest in technology and innovations. In the Home Care segment, the expansion of the Itajaí (SC) plant was carried out, with an investment of over R$ 20 million. In Personal Care, the Francis brand once again innovates in retail, taking vegan soaps to supermarkets throughout Brazil.


Flora prepares for a new growth cycle. The Personal Care Business Unit is divided into two – Hair and Skin – in order to accelerate expansion of Francis, Neutrox, OX Cosméticos, Kolene and Karina brand portfolios.


After increasing its investment in innovation, Flora launches 75 products, expanding its portfolio of hair care and home care brands.


With business growth, Flora restructures its Units, reinforcing its performance in the Home Care and Personal Care segments.


After incorporating new brands, Flora confirms its calling to operate in the cleaning, personal hygiene and beauty segments and reinforce its bet on quality. The Flora corporate brand gains a new logo.


With the acquisition of key brand such as Francis, Neutrox and Kolene, Flora expands its operations in the personal hygiene and cosmetics segment. In the same year, the acquires a powdered detergent and insecticide factory in Itajaí (state of Santa Catarina, Brazil).


Flora becomes an independent company within the J&F Group and takes the name Flora Produtos de Higiene e Limpeza S/A.


The company’s first Pesonal Care brand is funded: Albany, a pioneer brand in creating a line of soaps for the whole family.


The company’s first commercial brand is created: Minuano. Its names alludes to the southern wind in Portuguese.


José Batista Sobrinho founds Flora. The name chosen is a tribute by the businessman to his wife, Flora.