J&F Institute

Flora supports the J&F Institute to train YOUNG MANAGERS and LEADERS for the future

The J&F Institute is a Business Education Center whose mission is to support educational companies, that is, companies that value people and are committed to always teaching and learning. Flora has worked in partnership with the J&F Institute since its foundation in 2008. The institution's commitment is to support both the J&F group of educational companies and the initiatives of companies that want to transform into educational companies.

The J&F Institute sees Education as the main instrument for transforming and developing a society. Through its activities, it offers, at no cost, excellent academic education for young people, associated with the development of skills and abilities so that they become future managers and business leaders with a broad, entrepreneurial and innovative vision for the job market and for personal life.

By replicating a teaching-learning model whose bases go back to the founding of the J&F Group, what the Institute offers is a unique proposal for professional education. In it, therefore, the School-Business-Family-Community pillars become the foundation for training that develops through practical and continuous learning, since elementary school.

To transmit knowledge about business management, the Germinare BUSINESS School offers extensive preparation for the professional environment, with targeted administration content focusing on project management, finance, people, marketing, operations, corporate governance, strategy and logistics.

This pedagogical project is exclusive and was created based on the vision that young people need high-quality and differentiated education, in order to prepare them for the real challenges of professional life. In this sense, students carry out, on a permanent basis, business management projects, visits to Stock Exchanges and corporate institutions, as well as meetings with experts.

The Business Academies were structured with the aim of emphasizing teaching cases, that is, business challenges that represent organizational complexity and bring the experience of real situations. Flora has participated in Academia Seara since 2021, which is focused on the consumer goods business and brand management. This methodology seeks for students to understand the demands of the real world and dedicate themselves to exceeding expectations.

Over almost 70 years of a consistent trajectory of growth and dissemination of values, J&F Group – present in more than 190 countries – felt the need to concentrate its expertise to develop an initiative that, without separating itself from business, also fulfilled a social role. Thus, the J&F Institute was founded as a project focused on excellent business-oriented education.