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Germinare Institute

Flora supports the Germinare Institute to train YOUNG MANAGERS and LEADERS for the future

Flora has worked in partnership with the Germinare Institute for ten years, since it was founded. The Business School’s mission is to prepare young business administrators and citizens through unique and free education. This social project for educating young people from 6th grade on is approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) and recognized by UNESCO.

Germinare Institute sees Education as the key instrument for transforming and developing a society. Through its activities, it offers excellent cost-free academic education for young talents, along with the development of competencies and skills so that they can become future managers and business leaders with a broad, entrepreneurial and innovative vision for the job market and for their personal lives.

To convey knowledge about business management, Escola Germinare offers ample preparation for the professional environment, with targeted administration content focused on project, finance, people, marketing, operations, corporate governance, strategy and logistics management.

This educational project is unique and was created from the vision that young people need high-quality, distinctive education to prepare them for the real challenges of professional life. In this sense, Germinare students are constantly engaged in business management projects, visits to the stock exchange and corporations, and meetings with experts.

In 2021, the Business Academies were structured with the aim of emphasizing teaching cases – business challenges that represent organizational complexity and offer the experience of real-life situations. Flora participates in Seara Academy, focused on the consumer goods business and brand management. This methodology aims to help students understand the demands of the real world and dedicate themselves to exceeding expectations.