Water resource management is a core issue for our business, so we aim to reduce our impact on water consumption while helping people improve their health and hygiene.

Water is the main raw material for our products and its consumption extends beyond manufacturing, so Flora is also concerned about the impact on water consumption that comes from consumer use. With this in mind, our Research & Development team pursues technologies and innovations that help our customers meet their needs with lower water consumption.

Our formulations contain raw materials that minimize the use of water in product manufacturing.

In our industrial units, we monitor and control our water consumption, collect rainwater for use in less noble purposes, and perform inspections in order to identify and remedy possible leaks.

Reuse of treated wastewater:

Industrial wastewater is treated at the production units, in the company’s own wastewater treatment plants. We work with a focus on reuse, so our wastewater treatment system is equipped with technologies that allow us to reuse 100% of the wastewater treated at the Luziânia unit.

Taking Care of Our Rivers

Flora is concerned about the quality of springs and rivers located near its industrial activities, and planting native species seedlings in permanent preservation areas is a key measure for water quality. In 2019, a nursery of native seedlings was created at the Luziânia (in the state of Goiás) unit in order to contribute to reforestation of the Cerrado areas in that region.

The Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG) and the Luziânia Municipal Department of Environment and Water Resources (SEMARH-LUZ), in partnership with Flora, conducted monitoring on the quality of surface water in the municipality of Luziânia (in the state of Goiás), including Palmital River, today the main source of raw surface water in the city and responsible for supplying 30% of the local population.