Solid Waste

Solid waste is generated in any production process. It is the way we manage such waste that makes a difference. Flora believes in the importance of valuing raw materials, in conscientious use of natural resources and in reducing environmental impacts through strategies designed to manage our waste chain.

In our industrial units, we have waste management centers for proper separation, breakdown and optimization, and appropriate waste storage. With these initiatives, 45% goes to recycling processes, 49% to composting or co-processing, and only 6% to landfills.

In terms of packaging disposal, we value the plastic recycling chain: we have been using post-consumer recycled PET resin in our liquid detergent packaging for more than ten years. With this initiative, we reduce the use of virgin raw materials and encourage the circular economy.

Focused on reducing waste, we pursue smart solutions to maximally optimize the reuse of packaging, closing the production chain cycle.

Every year we monitor the sustainability level of our packaging by category and the percentage of recycled, recyclable and non-recyclable materials used, in order to map the percentage of recyclability in our raw material chain.

Reducing landfill

Reaffirming our commitment to reducing waste sent to landfills, currently only 6% of our waste ends up in landfills.


We map the waste from end-to-end, from generation to final disposal, ensuring that it is disposed of appropriately.


All receivers of waste generated at Flora are audited by the company.


90% of packages used in our products are recyclable or reusable