Energy efficiency


Steam consumption

Steam is used in various production processes at Flora. Thus, actions that reduce steam consumption are fundamental to the company’s energy matrix. Between 2017 and 2020, different projects focusing on improving heat exchange in industrial processes were conducted with the aim of increasing the efficiency of our equipment. The results of these projects were relevant.

In the period mentioned above, steam consumption at Flora was reduced by 25%! This demonstrates the company’s commitment, as well as that of all its employees, in the management of this resource that is so important to our energy matrix.

Electricity consumption

Electricity is the driving force that moves our machines and the most basic condition within our industrial processes. Flora has an indicator that monitors electricity consumption per ton of product generated. All employees working in Flora’s operations know the importance of this indicator and seek ways to lower it.

Projects that aim to increase manufacturing efficiency and awareness actions are constantly put into practice to ensure responsible consumption of this resource in industrial plants. In the last three years alone, Flora has reduced its electricity consumption by approximately 9.17%